May 9, 2011

Dear Fellow Texan,

Senate Bill 9 will be heard by the Homeland Security & Public Safety Committee TOMORROW morning, May 10th, at 8:30am.

Read the Hearing Notice here.

To understand how serious the potential for abuse of data is, consider this recent Reuters headline: Private records of 3.5 million people exposed by Texas.

For more info on the issue, watch this interview with Dr. Katherine Albrecht, or read this article by James Bovard.

What you can do:

  1. Call and/or email each member of the HS & PS Committees (phone numbers listed below) and make sure that they know SB 9 will implement REAL ID in Texas.
  2. Call YOUR Representative and tell them that you are opposed to the nationalization of our Texas driver’s licenses and urge them to OPPOSE SB 9 when if it makes its way to the House floor for a vote.
  3. Join us at the Texas Capitol on Tuesday at 8:30am to register your opposition to nationalizing our Texas DLs. Meet “Texans for Accountable Government” at 8am on the North steps, and they’ll show you exactly where to go and how to make sure that your voice is heard regarding this VERY important issue.
House Homeland Security & Public Safety Committee members
Chair: Rep. Sid Miller
Email here
Vice Chair: Rep. Allen Fletcher
Email here
Phone: 512-463-0661
Rep. Marva Beck
Email here
Phone: 512-463-0508
Rep. Lon Burnam
Email here
Phone: 512-463-0740
Rep. Joe Driver
Email here
Phone: 512-463-0574
Rep. Dan Flynn
Email here
Phone: 512-463-0880
Rep. Barbara Mallory Caraway
Email here
Phone: 512-463-0064
Rep. Aaron Pena
Email here
Phone: 512-463-0426
Rep. Armando Walle
Email here
Phone: 512-463-0924

For Liberty,

Debbie McKee
Interim State Coordinator
Texas Campaign for Liberty