As is typical of Ron Paul supporters, we are a broad cross-section of the populace. We are composed of everyone from people who have merely heard the name Ron Paul and desire to learn more to those who are active in the 9/11 Truth community. We are not easily pegged. Just as Ron Paul decides an issue based upon it’s Consitutional legality and legitimacy, we are not easily pegged in typical political parties. You can find us everywhere.

Hidalgo county has long been a Democrat-held county in the great state of Texas. We seek to educate those who are “blue” to the veracity and effectiveness of the Ron Paul message. We seek to educate those who are “red” to the reality of the world about them. The current administration has overspent our country into a near irrecoverable position. We seek to open the eyes of those who are blinded to the realities of the world, automatically believing what they are told by their politicians, and accepting what is handed to them. We seek the education of those who desire knowledge and truth.

Never before has a political movement drawn such a diverse and passionate crowd. Where all of Ron Paul’s opponents in the GOP candidacy are nearly out of financial backing, Ron Paul continues to score major financial donations on single day events. These are particularly noteworthy because these donations are nearly completely donated by individuals in small amounts, rather than the independently wealthy signing a $2300 check. We are the grassroots. We are the boots on the ground. With your help, we will be victorious in restoring this great nation to the strong and independent Republic it once was.

Please join us. We welcome all those who seek knowlege and information about Ron Paul and his message.